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Events Marketing

This is our BIGGEST STRATEGY in Melbourne! Events are casual leasing sites, there will be a specific kiosk required for set up and client branded banners to display. The display is used to build trust with the brand and support the sales process, while attracting potential customers! These events include shopping centre sites, airports, festivals special events, food festivals, large trade show shows, promotional days, television events, exhibitions, concerts or major sporting events. Basically, any event that has high traffic flow that will give your brand maximum exposure and impact.

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Private Site Marketing

These Sites are sourced by us, HYPA. The private site marketing takes place in fixed outdoor locations in high traffic areas or outside of a busy retailers and major brand chains to get maximum exposure for our clients.

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Residential Marketing is an incredible way to connect with people at their homes where they don’t have as many distractions as in a public setting, and they can spend more quality time engaging with the Rep and learning more about your brand.

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Business to Business Marketing

This involves the sales person directly marketing to local businesses to promote the your campaigns. Marketing to businesses can massively amplify your reach, but requires a very specific and different approach! B2B marketing is a highly skilled art and that’s where HYPA comes in. We can deliver Guaranteed consistent results and have proven time and time again that we are the go to experts in this field.